Friday, February 27, 2009

well well

so a few things have happened in the last wee while, i dropped out of facebook and thus far am not suffering withdrawls and i lost my phone, so if you know me and read this from time to time send me a message with your name in it so i know who it is and then i will have numbers again. its saturday and i am at work. in three weeks i will be in japan. in 2 hours i will be home i'm not sure which is the most exciting.

Monday, January 26, 2009

so it would appear that i was drunk last weekend

i just read my previous post for the first time then, i honestly did not remember writing it. i thought breifly about deleting it but now i have a record of when i was wasted and life was a lonely living hell. now that i'm sober and things, life is slightly less of a lonely living hell so progress hey?

things that have been done in the last while - a bunch of shows, going to the espy for the first time at night!! (woo brave) way way to much beer way way to often and on occasion some 18yr old whiskey. not so much of that though, its precious. i went and visited nature as i realised that nature is a cruel mistress and will not come and visit me. i road my bike around for a whole day only to get brutally sunburnt. party!

i think i once posted about a spirit level for my mental state, if i did then good and if not then its news. so, the way that it works is that you rank your day on a scale of 1 to 10 and write the result on a calender and see if the good outweighs the bad, the last time i did it over a heavy month of working 12 then 16 days in a row it worked out at about 6 so i had a pretty good month. i will start this from today and rank this day as 4. just remember it can always get worse.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

this is not a good idea

so , blog world ... you know when you are doing something that you know you could hate yourself for later . well i am, doing that now. fuck. oi i hate all of you. shit. fuck. i'm a floating turd. next time i see you i will smash you. please comment or at least ask about my mental health. fuck! you!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

learning new tricks of sorts

so i have learnt that if your head is not the best then reading tales of druken regret from bukowski and listening to sad punk like the wipers are not the best ways forward. from now on happy kids tales and blondie, stalker music will fix everything.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

intermission is over return to your seats

again i find myself thinking of nonsense to place here... bah
News in dot point form:
  • well the not smoking experiment has failed. i will try again. i will bore you to tears by keeping you posted.
  • so its nearly holiday time, we can all gather our families together to celebrate the birth of a fictional bastard whose followers are doing their level best to destroy the planet. the irony of xmas.
  • my campaign to outlaw straight marriage is generally falling on deaf ears but i will persist, i think straight people should have equal rights with the gay population and therefore the eternal punishment of marriage should be banned for everyone.
  • it seems to have rained all summer long - well all three weeks of it - it feels like i'm back in the UK
  • i saw swedish death metal band grave - was good - highly recommended.
  • discovered budweiser beer - again its good - highly recommended. on my quest for beer greatness i have been brewing large vats of pale ales and wheat beers all pretty good, quite drinkable and will get me and my friends plastered if required. however i have been on a quest for an easy drinking summer beer. I have drunk enough CUB products for a life time and need a change, thus far budweiser has fit the bill nicely - a little sweet perhaps but very easy drinking. any other suggestions will be taken on board. send them
  • my work has become a tomb. school holidays rule.

thats the news. other rants and misquotes to follow.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

link to the other thing i do

its just beginning the posts take a lot longer than it looks....

send me suggestions.

for nerds like me

this is totally unedited straight copy and paiste.

Define Acronym:

A word made up of letters from other words. For example, RAM is an acronym for Read-Only

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